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Knowledge certificates

The knowledge certificates are recognized by the FFE and are intended to allow hikers to learn or deepen their knowledge in the various techniques necessary for a good practice of horseback riding.


Orientation initiation

Thanks to the orientation initiation, learn everything you need to never get lost on a hike: map reading, use of many localization tools (compass, sun, constellations ...). This module consists of a theoretical part and a practical part: exercises in handling the compass on an unmarked course, orientation course, etc.


Initiation to saddlery

Discover all the secrets of leather thanks to the introduction to saddlery. This training will allow you to acquire all general knowledge about leather but also practical knowledge such as leather preparation and sewing. At the end of this training, you will be able to carry out basic repairs and make reins, halter, net, etc.


Equine care and first aid

At the end of this training, you will have all the knowledge necessary to choose and maintain a horse: from the purchase of the horse to its diet. You will be able to provide equine first aid: lameness, trauma and wounds, digestive emergencies, state of shock and parasitic skin conditions.  You will also have acquired medical knowledge: musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, reproductive system, specific ailments. Finally, you will be able to make and use a first aid kit for the stable, for hiking and for the TREC.


Emergency farriery

The rescue farrier training will allow you to learn, at first, the anatomical and functional data of the horse: the skeleton, the feet, the plumbs, the lameness. You will also learn some more technical generalities: farrier tools, farrier safety and shoeing. Secondly, the practical part will come: approaching the horse for the shoeing, putting the theory into practice, using the different tools, troubleshooting, unhooking a horse, re-shoeing two plumb and equal feet.


Seamanship, saddle-packing

This training will teach you all the knowledge you need to learn about stringing. You will learn how to sew whipping, joining knots, anchor knots, splices and eyelets. You will learn how to make a hiking lanyard and a makeshift halter. When it comes to packing, the pack will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will know how to harness a horse, secure and balance the load and lead the horse from pack to hand.


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