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We have more than 90 horses different breeds!

You will surely find the right one for amazing rides and trails...


The Icelandic horse is a small size horse that is the only horse breed native to Iceland. These animals are probably direct descendants of the horses brought by boat by the Vikings during the colonization of Iceland. Although there is a close relationship between these horses and ponies, they have kept the name "horse". Their particularity is to possess five paces: tölt and amble in addition to the three usual paces (walk, trot and gallop) which make them very comfortable horses!


The Fjord is a small horse from Norway. Its origins are ancient and it has known only a few crossbreeds; this is why the Fjord is considered very pure, descended from primitive Asian horses that arrived in Norway from the East.
The Fjord has a very characteristic coat color called Isabelle. Thanks to its color, its primitive markings such as the stripes on their feet, and its two-colored hair, the Fjord can be recognized without ambiguity.

It is a very good, calm and sure-footed walking horse.



The Purebred Arab have been bred mainly by Bedouins originated in the Middle East. With its very distinctive head and its raised tail, the Arab is one of the most easily identifiable breeds. Throughout history, Arabian horses have left their native Middle East to move to other regions during wars or trade. They are used in crossbreeding to bring speed, endurance, elegance and strong bones to other breeds of horses. Arabs are now found in most modern saddle horse farms.

The Arabian horse is considered to be one of the best horse in endurance competition, but also an excellent hiking horse for our experienced riders!



The English Thoroughbred is a very well-known breed since it is the one that runs on racetracks during gallop races.
It is the result of selective breeding started in the 17th and 18th centuries in England, when local mares were crossed with foreign, mainly Arab, stallions.

They will accompany you on our hikes for experienced riders.


The Pure Spanish breedis a breed of saddle horse of old stock, mainly of Andalusian origin. These horses were used as prestige horses in many European courts and as mounts for herders.

Currently, they excel in dressage. They are also popular with circus and show riders. They are often used as frames in the cinema for their looks and good temperament.


The Gypsy Cob, Irish cob or Tinker is a cob type horse breed, originating from Ireland and England. It was originally selected by the nomads of the British Isles, in particular the Travelers of Ireland, from horses of various breeds. This breed was created to tow their heavy trailers, the verdines.

The Gypsy Cob is recognizable thanks to its generally spotted color, its raised and proud head carriage, its top line and especially its very abundant horsehair.
Its area of excellence is hitching, but it is also a very good horse for calm and safe trekking.



The Shetland is a breed of British pony that originated in the Shetland Islands in the north of Scotland. It is one of the smallest horse in the world, a peculiarity that it owes to its adaptation to the harsh biotope of its original island. The Shetland was very successful in the 1850s thanks to its reduced size, which allowed it to squeeze through the narrow mining galleries to carry coal or metals. It is exported all over the British Isles.

The Shetland is therefore a pony for children when you tether and also an excellent harness pony.


A breed that we "created" here by crossing Icelandic horses with Irish Cob.

What gives nice little horses of black or spotted colour, carrier, calm and with the foot on.

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