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In partnership with CEMEA ALSACE

Presentation of the BAFA training:


To be a candidate for the BAFA (Brevet d'Aptitude aux Functions Animateur), it is sufficient to be 17 years old on the first day of the course.

Before starting your training and registering for an internship, you must register with the youth and sports services on their site: .

The training is divided into three stages to be carried out in order:

  • Step 1: 8-day general training course

  • Stage 2: Practical course of 14 effective days in a leisure situation, in welcoming young people or in hosting declared scouting.

  • Step 3: Deepening course of 6 days or qualification of 8 days minimum

At the end of your three internships, your file with all your internship certificates are passed to a jury, and only after this passage in the jury will you graduate.

At Cheval-Alsace you have the possibility of:

  • carry out step 2 : your practical internship during the summer holidays. Just send your CV and cover letter:

  • carry out step 3 :  your advanced riding course - dates to come

For step 1, contact the CEMEA Alsace directly

Dates are offered all year round.

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