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Do I need to know how to ride a horse to go on a horseback ride / stay?
Horse treks as well as stays (2 and 7 days) are accessible to all. The horses and the hikes are adapted according to the levels.

Are there horses for all levels?
We have more than 70 horses of different breeds which adapt to all levels. All riders will find something to suit them.

Are there ponies for children?
Our large cavalry includes Shetland ponies for the little ones as well as small Icelandic horses for the older ones. Children will be able to enjoy beautiful walks in complete safety!

What is the minimum age to register a child in a colony?
The minimum age for summer camps is 6 years old in Horse and Nature formula and 9 years old in Horse Sport. If your child is less than 6 years old and wants to ride a horse, you can introduce him to riding through an introduction to lungeing: more info here.

Is it possible to come with these own horses?
It is quite possible to come with your own horses. We are even labeled equestrian lodging by the French Equestrian Federation. Click here for more information on pricing.

Is it possible to come in winter?
Cheval Alsace is open all year round! You are welcome to go horseback riding in summer and winter.

Are there any summer camps?
We organize summer camps during large and small vacations. You will find all the dates here .

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