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Our teaching ...

We offer riding lessons in our equestrian center located in the Bruche valley in La Claquette




It is not a discipline but rather an approach to the horse where we learn to "read and speak horse".

The word is poorly chosen because ethology is simply the observation of a species. But here we learn to observe it but also to make ourselves understood in order to create a relationship of trust.

This approach involves a lot of work on foot before moving on to horseback.


Classical horseback riding and wilderness gallops from 1 to 7

We teach classical horse riding (show jumping, dressage, cross) up to a level Galop 7 but one of our specialties is teaching horse riding in the countryside!

The wilderness gallops are very interesting and complete because they allow you to improve  technically on horseback while learning to understand the outside environment in the saddle.


Gallops are obtained as a continuous check. Theoretical lessons are also offered as a snack or aperitif!


Galloping ponies

Classes are open to children from 3 years old.

Specific slots are set up (Pitchouns course) to introduce the little ones to ponies and horseback riding.

We propose the passage of the Galops Ponies.

Our favorite disciplines ...



The TREC or Competition Equestrian Hiking Technique is a very complete discipline revolves around 3 axes:

- the orientation course on horseback, map and compass in hand

- mastery of gait - it is about taking the fastest step and the slowest gallop

- the PTV (course in terrain) - it is a course grouping together various obstacles that a rider is likely to encounter in the countryside: trunk, door, low branches ...



Endurance is a discipline where the horse and its rider must cover more or less long distances depending on the level (10 to more than 100 kilometers). The horse is followed by a veterinarian during the race. Any lameness or poor recovery of the horse leads to elimination. The classification is made according to the heartbeat of the horse; the faster the horse travels the distances and the faster he recovers, the more points there are :)


The show

Dressage mounted, show of horses in freedom, aerobatics ... The show allows you to discover different facets of riding both mounted and on the ground ...

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