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1 ) You ride regularly by us? You can become a member of Cheval Alsace and profit of reduced prices!
2) You'd like to come regularly by us for the weekend! This loyalty program is for you!

You have been stayed by us for one night or more? Cumulate Cheval Alsace points and profit of offered rides during a next stay...

How to get more points?

Book a stay of one night or more and cumulate points!

Your booking has to be taken directly by us.

10€ = 1 point!

Example: I paid 330€, I cumulate 33 points.


How to use my points?

You can use your points by a next booking of a stay of one night or more to get offered rides!

2 hours ride = 45 points

3 hours ride = 65 points

Full day ride (without meal) = 110 points

Points are available for 2 years. This program has begun at the 1st of January 2018.

You cannot give your reduction to another person.

You can use your points for rides, if they already have participants.

It is not possible to use your points for the high season (July & August).


How to know how many points you've cumulated?

Please write us an email at the following address

Give us your name, first name and dates of your previous stays.

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